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Who We Serve

We are very fortunate at CFS to have forged lifelong relationships with quality clients who value our experience and knowledge. Being in the advisory business for more than 30 years has afforded us the luxury of developing experience in a multitude of areas with a diverse group of clients. People and situations such as:

Entrepreneurs – coaching business owners through business sales and acquisitions, succession planning, retirement strategies and risk mitigation.

Corporate Executives – seeking to simplify and maximize stock options, RSUs, deferred comp, insurance, 401(k) rollover services, and defined benefit plans.

Successful Savers and Persistent Planners– how to utilize IRAs, 401(k)s, 529s, HSAs, automatic investment plans, family legacy planning.

Money In Transition – help navigating those life events of death, divorce, inheritance, retirement and job changes.

Regardless of what life category you fall under, you’ll find our guidance to be professional and insightful and delivered with compassion. We remain innovative in our approach to pursue the best possible outcome for each and every one of our valued clients – individuals, professionals, families and business owners.