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Our Services

At Coordinated Financial Services (CFS), we seek to gain a clear understanding of your needs, goals, and vision for your future.  Common considerations include asset protection, investment management, risk mitigation, business succession planning, and legacy issues. We proactively analyze your financial position and establish a plan that will give you a start to your success. 


Financial Planning: At Coordinated Financial Services, we make financial planning a staple of our business.  We make an effort to coordinate with your tax professional to keep them apprised about any financial strategies we are recommending.  Allowing them to file your taxes properly and possibly help you realize valuable tax savings.  Risk mitigation is an important component to any financial plan and we are conscientious about protecting what is most important to you and your family.  Insurance can be used as a risk mitigation tool when rare events lead to significant costs that would affect your standard of living.  Life insurance, medical insurance, long-term care, and business insurance are some of the common techniques to mitigate this risk.  We have worked with many closely held business owners and we will proactively guide you with effective approaches to manage the financial side of your business.  

Retirement Planning:  We help you plan a confident retirement by analyzing an array of retirement vehicles to help you save in a tax efficient manner.  The complexity of retirement strategies will continue to evolve as our legislative bodies make changes.  It is important that we help you navigate this environment and choose the retirement vehicles that are most appropriate given your unique situation.  After entering retirement, we help you implement a prudent distribution plan.

Investment Management:  Matching your financial goals with suitable investments is key to achieving financial success.  We seek to formulate our portfolios to maximize return for given levels of risk. In doing so, we emphasize the importance of downside protection in our portfolios and financial plans.  We build our portfolios using a combination of mutual funds, exchange traded products, stocks, and bonds.  We do not offer proprietary products and our advice is tailored to serve your lifestyle.  Our investment toolbox is deep and we are confident that we will provide you with an investment portfolio that manages your needs.

Education Planning: Providing your loved ones with educational support is both selfless and can be an effective planning technique.  We help our clients by assisting them with 529 plans, education IRAs, custodial accounts, and financial aid assistance.

Estate & Legacy Planning: After we attain a comprehensive understanding of your goals and resources, we are in a position to help you pursue your legacy and philanthropic objectives.  It is important that we coordinate and partner with your legal team so we can aid you in the creation of wealth transfer strategies, charitable giving, trust planning, tax savings, and preserving your legacy.1



*Coordinated Financial Services and LPL Financial do not provide legal or tax advice or services.  Please consult your legal or tax advisor regarding your specific situation.